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Approaches to Learning skills

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Approaches to Learning skills is a core component of the International Baccalaureate Programme.
At ISV it was implemented 24th, October 2018 by IB English B students who after a 6-week collaborative planning and preparation addressed them towards our EXAM cohorts: grade 10 and grade 12 students.

This Pilot Project called Students and Teachers without borders is changing the paradigm and moving the focus from knowledge only towards XXI century skills.

In practice it means that the students through application of: Research Skills, Social Skills, Communication Skills, Self-Management Skills and Thinking Skills are learning how to use the knowledge they spent so much time on acquiring and learning. 

We all hope that we will continue organizing educational events led by the students for the students with teachers playing backup roles as mentors overlooking the general quality. 

Grade 11 IB English B students showed our community a different way to learn. 

Iwona B Gortowska IB Diploma grade 11 English B Teacher and Colin Bradshaw Bastida IB Diploma Coordinator 


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