Bursar Office

Bursar Office

The ISV Bursar Office has been established with the aim to remove certain financial restrictions for those students whose education has been or may be impacted upon. Our focuses will be specifically for children that may benefit from our education but are unable to join ISV due to financial constraints.
In order to alleviate the financial constraints for families, the ISV Bursar Office Funds are to be raised and managed by seeking generous financial gifts from sponsors internally or externally and by fundraising activities. The Bursar Office will jointly work with Finance team to develop flexible payment schedules for families who are unable to meet our current payment terms.

How has the Bursar Office different from the Scholarships Programme?

1. Scholarships Programme

Most ISV Scholarships are traditional in that they are awarded purely for academic merits. However, ISV does offer some non-traditional scholarships for students who show exceptional accomplishments in sports, music or visual art. Scholarships are available for ISV students and they are not required to complete all the application procedures required from external students.

How is the Scholarship Fund operates: The majority of the scholarship funds are provided by the investors to the school, and are provided for a given number of years, based on continual improvement by the scholar. Academic scholarship selection is done purely on academic merits which are determined by our school Academic faculties via tests and interviews.

Concessions of Scholarships Financial Awards: Because our scholarships are traditional and do not take into account financial considerations, it might be that scholar’s families do not require the entire amount of the scholarship in order to study at ISV. As such, scholars' families may wish to share a portion of the scholarship with the “Bursaries Fund”, which will then be used to assist other students who need financial support.

2. Bursar Office

Our bursaries are based on financial needs, but do come with academic requirements. They are established to support students without the financial means to otherwise study at ISV. In order to be considered for our Bursary Grants, families must be able to justify the need for such financial assistance.

How the Bursary Fund operates: Funds are generated by various activities such as receiving financial gifts from ISV families and Alumni, as well as concessions of cash surplus generated from certain school activities such as:

  • Receiving Gifts: ISV’s Bursar Office is open to receive any generous financial gifts from community members, current ISVIAN and Old ISVIAN alumni members, in order to grow and sustain our Bursary Grants.
  • Concessions of cash surplus: Some ISV merchandise and events generate cash surpluses. These cash surpluses will be gifted to the Bursary Fund. Such items will be indicated as contributors to the Fund at the point of sale.
  • Covid-19 and the Bursary Fund: The Fund was created specifically to attempt to resolve the financial burden of families critically affected by the global pandemic of Covid-19. As the fund has only recently been established, funds are not yet sufficient to allow the write-off tuition fees for parents who are most critically affected. Funds are kept and built during the period and act as a “buffer” for the school. Via the “buffer”, the school would be able to delay payments from parents, to alleviate some of our community’s financial burdens. As currently, there are limitations to the funding, reliance on investors to support the schools is still the main tool that allows the school to assist parents in this way. The vision is that as the fund grows, the school is able to independently support itself in future circumstances, with less reliance on our investors' subsidies.

For further information on becoming a sponsor, methods of contribution, or to apply for a Bursary Grant, please kindly contact us at bursar@isvietnam.edu.vn.