Bursary for ISV Medical Society

Our School and ISV community recognise the bravery, responsibilities and importance of medical staffs to society. This has been shown even clearer than ever through the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.
Our doctors, nurses, caregivers, paramedics, technicians, EMTs (emergency medical technician) and everyone who supports patient care around the world are on the frontlines of battling the novel corona virus disease (COVID-19). They have to face an unprecedented workload caused by a little understood virus. Despite their own fears, our health workers are stepping directly into COVID-19’s path to aid the afflicted and help halt the virus’s spread.
Had it not been for these silent heroes, especially in Vietnam, we would hardly have the chance to return to our normal life as we are now. Thanks for the sacrifices they make, even without the pandemic, countless lives are being saved and thousands of miracles are being made day by day in our world. Their dedication and courage deserve our deepest gratitude and admiration.
As such, ISV has established a new bursary programme for ISV Medical Society as a ‘Thank you’ from the bottom of our heart to express our appreciation and gratitude for not only ISV parents who are working in the medical field, but to all medics around the world - everyday heroes. With this programme, we hope the significant subsidy in tuition fees can reduce the financial burden for parents in this field, facilitating them to focus on their noble duties.
The bursary is offered to all members of the Medical Society, including both current & potential students (subject to passing the entrance assessments) with a 50% reduction in annual tuition fee, starting from school year 2020-2021.
For further information, please kindly contact our Admissions Office at admissions@isvietnam.edu.vn.

Read the official letter from our Head of Admissions and Communications in English, Korean and Vietnamese