Congratulations to ISVMUN!

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Esteemed Guests, Honourable Chairs, and Distinguished Delegates,
After two long days of tireless and intense discussions, we are proud to announce that the first International School of Vietnam Model United Nations has successfully adjourned! 

Throughout two days, all three committees have shown extraordinary spirits of cooperation, diplomatically tackling the challenging problems raised to them. Calling upon the United States to not take actions which may trigger an arms race and encourage aggression from Russia regarding nuclear weapons, as well as requesting the withdrawal of 1,500 of 4,500 troops from the Baltic area and the suspension of NATO military exercises in Baltic and Black Sea, NATO has successfully averted accelerating conflicts with Russia. In another room, UNHRC strived to achieve consensus on the topic of genome editing, requiring international licence for genome editing to be applied to all countries, with standards for acquiring the licence. The safety and ethics of genome research is also addressed by the committee. Taking a more universal stance, ECOSOC decided to tackle the root of the problem, limiting the effects of climate change by enhancing past agreements, such as but not limited to the 2015 Paris Agreement, the 2015 Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, and the Kyoto Protocol. 

Congratulations to Sung Ha Neul (G12), Pham Vu Duy Anh (G9), Tran Huong Giang (G8), and Phan Thien Bach Anh (G11) for winning the Honourable Mention awards across all three committees! They have shown great potential in the committee discussions and contributed positively to their committees. Being new to MUN certainly didn’t stop them from being good delegates!

Congratulations also to Tran Khue Anh (G10) and Mai Le Y Lan (G11) for winning the Outstanding Delegate award in NATO and UNHRC, respectively! Demonstrating excellent preserverance and consistent quality in their actions, this award recognizes that much of their committees’ success is directly attributable to their efforts!

Last but not least, congratulations to Cao Nguyen Tuan Khoi (G10) and Alyah Shebani (G10) for winning the Best Delegate award in ECOSOC and UNHRC, respectively! They have proved themselves to be tactful diplomats, innovate thinkers, and influential leaders in their respective committees. They have worked hard and proved to themselves and everyone what they are capable of. 

Special thanks to the Organizing Committee for setting up a wonderful conference! Thank you Media Team for all the sleepless nights spent designing the IDs, placards, guidebooks; all the nice photos you’ve taken of us! Thank you Logistics Team for making sure the conference runs smoothly, caring for even the little details to ensure delegates and chairs are comfortable and fully focused on the debate. Thank you Human Resources Team for keeping the whole OC on track with deadlines. Lastly, thank you Chairs for guiding the delegates and helping each and everyone gain a better understanding of the United Nations. 

We would also like to extend our most sincere thanks to the teachers who have helped ISVMUN in its journey. We would like to thank Mr Bryan for approving the conference, as well as delivering an amazing speech at the Opening Ceremony. We would also like to thank Mr Colin and Mr Euan for being our Advisors, your input has been very helpful for us to make this event. Last but not least, we would like to thank Mr Ron, our MUN Director, for guiding us in every step of this journey. We could not have achieved this success without you!

Congratulations to ISVMUN!

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