Extra-curricular Activities (ECAs)

Extra-curricular Activities (ECAs)

It is the school’s desire to provide students with a varied and balanced selection of ECA that act to support ISV curriculum.

Each year we offer over 50 different activities, taking place at lunch- times, after school and on weekends. There are two sessions of ECAs, starting in early September and late January, giving students an oportunity to change their chosen activity.

These activities are wideranging and generally fall into one of five categories:

  • Visual and Performing Arts – Ballet, Orchestra, Guitar, Drama, Water Colour painting, etc.
  • Academic Pursuits – Student-led Science Club, World Scholars Cup, English Fluency Club, etc.
  • Technology – Programming and Coding, 3D Art, Digital music, etc.
  • Sports - Swimming, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Biathlon, Yoga, etc.
  • Social/Cultural – Public Forum Debate, Stress management, Korean Culture and History, Nature Club

The list of ECA options will be given to you at the begining of the school year and again in January by the homeroom teacher.