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We work hard to ensure your child has access to a large array of extracurricular activities designed to educate, nurture the whole child and connect them with our school. From music, art, drama to robotics, computer and sports, your child can explore a wide variety of after school activities throughout their years at ISV. Each year we offer over 50 different activities for our students which vary each term and are offered at lunchtimes, after school and even at weekends. Allowing your child to get involved in extracurricular activities at school is a wise choice, and it can be very important in helping them to develop skills, character, leadership and more.


Physical Education and Sport are an integral part of student life at ISV. We run a very extensive Extra-Curricular Sports Programme which offers competitive and non-competitive activities for all children. There are currently more than 20 sports activities that are on offer throughout the year. These range from to soccer, basketball, badminton to swimming and cycling or even boxing. We also host a large number of teams and clubs in the major sports which are drawn from those involved in the ECA. We are very proud of our success in inter-school competitions and participation in a wide range of local and international tournaments, which ensures the opportunity and opens the door for many of our students to engage and challenge themselves. A major highlight of our year involves taking part in the Singapore International Triathlon – one of the biggest sport event series in Asia.

​Music & Arts

A rich education must extend beyond the basic academic subjects, and we know that music and arts extra-curricular activities are essential for growing well-rounded learners. At ISV, we create many enriching opportunities to educate our students creatively and spiritually. Whether it would be through music, drama, arts and crafts, building blocks, origami, photographing or one of many other options, our students are empowered to discover their God-given gifts and interests both during school hours and beyond.


Understanding the impact of extracurricular activities in foreign language learning on students’ language acquisition, cultural acquaintance and language learning motivation, ISV offers afterschool classes for some languages such as French and Vietnamese. Foreign language is introduced in a relaxed and educational environment with the support a broad range of fun and interactive activities designed for these classes. From helping your child learn vocabulary to speak and use full phrases, to promoting self-confidence with speaking a new language, the Language ECA Class at ISV is a great place to start.


The computer based activities help students enhance their ICT skills and knowledge through a set of engaging and fun-filled tasks such as game coding, minecraft, programming and media.

​Field Trips

We seek opportunities to engage our students in the world outside ISV, and our schedule includes regular field trips for all ages. These activities vary from visiting museum, galleries, cultural institutions and related events. In addition to entertaining the kids, these activities also enable them to get familiar with the world’s finest artworks, their creators and learn more about the cultures of different countries around the world. The kids thus also get valuable lessons and learn to appreciate the arts and culture a lot more by looking at an original painting, for instance, rather than its picture in the textbook or computer.

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