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Healthy Services

​One of the core aims at ISV is to provide a caring environment for all our students.  We also appreciate that people learn most effectively when they are happy and healthy.  To ensure this, ISV features a Health Centre staffed by fully qualified nurses.

Our Health Centre mission is to:

  • provide prompt and effective first aid in a caring environment
  • inform a student’s teacher if he or she is judged to be unfit to continue in class as well as contact  the parent if the student needs to be taken home or see a medical practitioner
  • maintain student health records and details of all accidents
  • raise awareness of the importance of hygiene and health management

Health Advice – What should you do when your child is unwell?

​If your child is ill with a contagious illness or has a high fever we would appreciate it if you would inform the school office via email or phone.  This will help us to monitor any outbreaks of similar illnesses and allow us to prevent them from spreading.

In the event of a serious emergency, the nurse can be summoned to attend to a sick or injured child in any area of the school.
The School strongly requests that students with temperatures above 37.8 Celsius or who are unwell should not be sent to school.
Those found to be ill will be sent to the Health Centre and the nurse will contact a parent asking them to collect their child as soon as possible.

We are grateful to parents for their cooperation with this policy, which has been implemented in the best interest of the entire School.

Parents with a child on prescribed medication, to be taken during the day, can pre-arrange for the nurse to administer a prescribed dose to their child at a specified time. Students may not self-administer prescription medication at School. It’s also crucial that you provide an up-to-date record of any health conditions (such as allergies) that your child suffers from so we can best ensure their safety and health within school.


​We endeavour to provide an environment that is physically and emotionally safe for all our learners.  If you have questions or comments about health and safety at ISV, please contact the School Office at

Evacuation Procedures

Fire notices are posted in all classrooms.  There is a fire and evacuation drill each term and the process is reviewed regularly. In the event of a fire breaking out on school premises, the following action must be taken:

  • Upon discovering a fire the teacher (or adult) must immediately sound the fire alarm.
  • All students and staff should walk quickly and quietly to the assembly point.  Upon hearing the fire alarm, all other employees and visitors to the school should immediately walk to the Assembly Point. If in a classroom, all windows must be closed. All bags and personal belongings should be left in the classroom.
  • When the students have moved to the Assembly Point, each Teacher will check their class list and should report any missing persons or confirm that all are present.  Holding the register up in the air indicates all persons are present.
  • All members of staff will ensure that the children are silent at the assembly point and await further instructions from the Head of School (or the most senior teacher) at the assembly point.
  • Subject teachers are responsible for escorting any learners that they are teaching to the Assembly Point.  They will then hand over responsibility for the primary learners to their Home Room teachers.
  • No persons are permitted to re-enter the building until the all clear is given by the Head of School (or the most senior teacher on site).

Security Guards

The school employs a highly reputable security company, providing 24-hour security protection for ISV. The security guards also provide traffic control for the school.

All parents are reminded that safety procedures exist at the school for the safety of all students.   Security Guards are unable to exercise flexibility on this and so any failure to adhere to the procedures could result in a parent being refused access to the school premises.


CCTV ISV is equipped with close circuit television (CCTV) system to ensure the safety of our school community.  The system covers all entry and exit points as well as a number of key areas within the school.


School ID Cards: All parents, and authorised parties, are required to carry their ID card to show to security at the school entrance.
Parents who forget to bring their ID card must register at the security gate and present a suitable alternative ID (which must contain a photo).

Collection and application of ID tags is made through the School Office.


No vehicles are granted access to the school grounds.​


The entire school campus is a designated smoke-free zone.  We would like to remind anyone visiting ISV that they must not smoke within the school grounds.

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