IB DP Scholarship Programme (G11)

IB DP Scholarship Programme (G11)


In line with the school’s values and traditions, ISV is offering this scholarship to provide motivated and capable students who wish to embark on the IBDP the opportunity to be a part of the school and to flourish under the guidance of our highly qualified faculty. Our scholarships are awarded to students who are proficient in English, demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, and show promise of excelling in the IBDP.

The IBDP is a 2-year educational programme primarily aimed at students aged 16-17. Success in the IBDP offers students the opportunity to gain access to the best universities in the world. 

The Scholarship value is UP TO 100% for the entirety of the IB DP programme (Grade 11, 12).


IBDP is the world’s most popular international qualification for 16 to 17-year-old students. It is recognized by leading universities and employers worldwide, and is an international passport to progression and success.

IB Diploma candidates are required to study six subjects placed into six different groups. Three subjects are taught at Higher Level (HL), the others at Standard Level (SL). One subject is chosen from each of the following groups: Language and literature; Language Acquisition; Individuals and societies; Mathematics; The Arts; Sciences

At the end of Grade 12, students will take DP externally-set examinations for those six subjects. Additionally, each diploma candidate must participate in the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and Creativity/Activity/Service (CAS) courses and write an Extended Essay. The unique characteristics of TOK, CAS and the Extended Essay (known as the IB Diploma Core) qualify them to receive the full Diploma of the International Baccalaureate.

IB DP subjects offering: English (compulsory), Korean, Vietnamese, French, Languages, Business Management, Geography, Information Technology in a Global Society, History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics (Analysis & Approaches), Mathematics (Applications & Interpretations), Music, Visual Arts.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Students of age for Grade 11 at ISV who have completed Grade 10 at his/her current school

  • Students with good English level and/or high academic achievements

Entrance Assessment

Students must complete the following STAGE 1 tests before progressing to the STAGE 2 tests.

  • STAGE 1

A 120-minute online cognitive ability test focused on Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Non-verbal Reasoning test and Spatial Reasoning test.

  • STAGE 2

Writing an essay based on student's subject choices

One (01) 60-min written test in English

One (01) 60-min written test in Mathematics

One (01) 60-min written test in Vietnamese/Korean (for passport holders of these nations)

One (01) 120-min Science written test 

One (01) optional Group 6 written test

One (01) interview with the IBDP Programme Coordinator.