IGCSE Scholarship Programme (G9)

IGCSE Scholarship Programme (G9)


Academic scholarship starting in Grade 9 is the forerunner of ISV Scholarship Programme, being established with the idea to build a strong academic foundation that focuses entirely on students’ academic accomplishments. Before the Academic & Talent Programme in Grade 6, 7 & 8, this programme was a beginning of a stimulating journey through ISV for many high achievers, as it provides them with the opportunity to gain access to our world-class curriculum that prepares them well for higher studies at high school and university. 

We expect a lot from our Grade 9 & 10 academic scholars, and in turn, we provide unrivaled expertise, dedication and care. ISV is the only Cambridge International school in Hanoi that customised the IGCSE programme by offering our students a range of optional subjects that suit their strengths, interests, as well as plans for university and life.

The Scholarship value is UP TO 100% for the entirety of the IGCSE programme (Grade 9, 10).


The two-year IGCSE programme prepares our students well for high school and the follow-up studies at universities around the world.

In IGCSE programme, students have to study 04 compulsory subjects and 3 optional subjects. IGCSE compulsory subjects include Maths, First Language English, an additional language (Vietnamese, First Language Korean or French as a Second Language - Vietnamese nationals must take Vietnamese), and Co-ordinated Science (which counts as a double award).

3 optional IGCSE subjects must be chosen from each of the 03 blocks including:

  • Block 1: Information and Communication Technology, Business Studies
  • Block 2: History, Geography, French
  • Block 3: Computer Science, Art, Music, Literature

Eligibility Requirements

  • Students of age for Grade 9 at ISV who have completed Grade 8 at his/her current school
  • Students with a good English level and/or high academic achievements

Entrance Assessment

Students must complete the following STAGE 1 tests before progressing to the STAGE 2 tests.

  • STAGE 1

A 90-minute online English Literacy, Quantitative Reasoning & Non-verbal Reasoning test.

  • STAGE 2

One (01) 60-min written test in English.

One (01) 60-min written test in Mathematics.

One (01) 50-min written test in Vietnamese (for Vietnamese passport holder students) OR One (01) 50-min written test in Korean (for Korean passport holder students).

One (01) interview with the Headmaster or Head of Secondary of ISV.

IGCSE Results 2019

ISV. students have achieved outstanding results in the IGCSE exam 2019. This is truly a source of pride and a worthy award for the tremendous efforts of students and teachers. The result is even more impressive because among the students taking the exam, there are grade 9 students who have not yet completed IGCSE programme and grade 10 Pre-DP who have only studied IGCSE for 1 year.

- ISV students have gained 37 Grade A* and 37 Grade A out of 126 grades, equal to 59% of all IGCSE grades achieved, while the figure for 2018 was only 29%.

- 81% of 2019’s IGCSE grades are A* - B, which is 25% higher than that of 2018

- The percentage of A*- C grade is 97%, outperforming last year’s average by 19% 

For students who have done Grade 9 & 10 and completed the IGCSE exams, ISV has been looking at the best way to award scholarships in Grade 11. Based on the IGCSE exam results, a matrix has been developed to convert the IGCSE grade scored into the value of scholarship offered. 


For students taking Vietnamese, the in-house Vietnamese exam will have the same grading system as the IGCSEs and count towards the points system. 

Below are two grids. The first grid shows the points value of each IGCSE score. The second grid shows the value of a scholarship based on the total number of IGCSE points scored.  

The levels of scholarships would then look like this:

The Board of ISV is keen to see all our current scholarship students continue to prosper at the school, so if any student should not achieve scholarship levels of IGCSE scores, we would see if there were other considerations to take into account to maintain some level of financial support.