ISV Swims Gala 2019

May 06, 02:32 PM 1.556 Views
The House Swim Gala is one of ISV's biggest annual sporting events, which took place over two days, 18 & 19 April 2019, with the participation of all school students. On the first day, young children from Pre-K, K1, K2 and G1 were excited to demonstrate their water skills through a variety of activities and races. On the second day, older students in G2 - G11 were ready to compete against one another in their Houses over races of 25 meters and 50 meters, featuring backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. Many students enjoyed breaking speed records achieved in previous years. They were confident to show their ability and appreciated their parents' attendance and support. The louder everyone cheered, the faster the students swam throughout the event. A big thank you to all teachers and parents for your enthusiasm and support at the Swim Gala over these two days, especially the PE team who trained the students, pushing them to succeed.

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