I will never forget the day when I received my IGCSE results. It was a sunny Tuesday when I could finally access the website. Still trembling out of anxiety, I saw my results appearing on the screen: English (0508) - First language: A*. Honestly, I still couldn't believe that I had got the highest band for the subject that I struggled with the most. For me, IGCSE was indeed rigorous, but thanks to my amazingly conscientious teachers and very amiable friends, it seems much less scary. Studying with ISV allowed me to develop to the fullest, both physically and academically. By joining various projects and events, I gained many experiences which nurtured me to be the best version of myself.  One thing that I value the most is the intellectual attitude and effort people put into learning. The teachers are always keeping me on track and checking my progress to ensure we are moving forward. They are willing to answer my questions whenever they could, thus this has benefited my learning very much. One more thing that makes ISV stands out is its hospitality. I was astounded by the immense love and affection given by everyone, from the nurse to the lady in the cafeteria. I befriended with some incredible people that I could never meet otherwise, and they had contributed a lot to my scholarship reward. These past two years have been a tremendous help towards my development as a person. I can't wait to continue my learning journey with ISV.


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