Mid-Autumn Festival October 1st, 2020

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Mid-Autumn gave students at ISV a chance to gather together and enjoy a traditional festival that is widely celebrated by Vietnamese children and families across the country. Here at ISV, students celebrate the festival with many interesting activities. Workshops were organised by senior students for their younger peers that taught how to craft traditional mid-autumn lanterns, and how to make masks with flat winnowing baskets or decorating a hand-held paper fan. Grade 5 students also researched deeper into the festival by making posters that depict how Vietnam, Korea and China celebrate the festival. To make the event even more engaging, junior students had a chance to watch one of the most famous Mid-Autumn Festival customs, a fascinating dragon dance, that was loved by our students (and staff).

These exciting and interactive activities enhanced the understanding of students about the Mid-Autumn Festival, an important tradition of Vietnam, while increasing the bond between students of all ages. 

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