The Model United Nations simulations are nothing new to ISV students.  We have participated in numerous events both in Hanoi and further afield, but now the International School of Vietnam’s Model United Nations Conference takes centre stage. 

ISVMUN’s Purpose:

To create an opportunity for internationally-minded, inquisitive and diligent students to participate in Model United Nations (MUN) in an encouraging and empowering way,  and through this process, strengthen the friendship between ISV and other international schools. 

Description of our ISVMUN event: 

The Conference is a simulation of a United Nations General Assembly meeting for three days. The Conference hosts three committees, with approximately 20 delegates each. Students take on the role of delegates from UN Member States and debate on the issues given with the aim to propose solutions to these problems. At the end of the three days, delegates engage in a small social event to connect with each other.