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During the campus closure to prevent the spread of covid-19, online learning activities were conducted effectively at ISV, thanks to the active cooperation of teachers, students and parents.

Sadhika KAPOOR, a Grade 6 student shared her feelings about online learning, this is an activity of LS English A Language & Literature (Grade 6) by Ms Iwona: 

On-line learning is fun. Coronavirus did have a positive effect, it gave students a new platform to learn and collaborate. For the past month, students have learnt independent studying, time-management and how to be responsible. I have myself learnt a lot like about zoom-meetings, online communication and various platforms to express myself. Thanks to coronavirus, A coin has two sides - POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE. It is very essential for students to learn new ways of study as this world continues to develop.

I have enjoyed every activity assigned. It’s true, I have enjoyed every task whether it be common.lit, peergrade, MOOC, reflection, IDENTITY, M&Ms etc. Although, my favorite one remains to be common.lit. The texts were so deep and meaningful. Some were also difficult, but that is why I enjoyed. I loved the poem ‘IDENTITY’, it gave me contentment and satisfaction. I think on-line learning has really helped Grade 6 to become independent learners.

Grade 12 Homeroom tutors, Ms. Kate & Mr. Kenny, preparing for a whole class pastoral live lesson with their tutees via Zoom.
Grade 12 Homeroom tutors, Ms. Kate & Mr. Kenny, preparing for a whole class pastoral live lesson with their tutees via Zoom.

Let's have a look at the online learning activities at ISV during the past week to understand more about the dedication of our teaching staff in delivering the ISV curriculum online, as well as the hard work of students in acquiring knowledge and fulfilling tasks at home!

Grade 11 Business Management class

Ms Sandra, Head of Humanities Department conducted an online quiz with Grade 11 Business Management. This was a test for Grade 11 Business Management on the first 4 chapters of Business Finance.

Grade 4A Homeroom

Mr Matt, G4A Homeroom teacher shared the summative tasks from Ji Woo about Drones and Tue Lam about AI Robots

See full presentation about Drones HERE

See full presentation about AI Robots HERE

Grade 9 Literature online class by Mr Adam 

Grade 3 Maths online class by Ms Jessica

Korean class by Ms Jackie

Kwan Woo Kim - a Grade 1 student shared the book he read 📖 "You are not the only one right"

The Korean students also researched on dialects in Korea and here is what they found:

PYP Music class by Ms Jessanin

Our K2 students - Geon Vin and Adina shared their homemade musical instruments. It was really fun making these, especially with their family!


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