Performance of William Shakespeare's 'Kings and clowns'

Feb 15, 01:25 PM 440 Views
ISV arranged for a performance of William Shakespeare's 'Kings and clowns' for the students. It was an interactive affair with many ISV students getting onstage to perform difficult Shakespearean works with a classically trained professional actor. The students participated fully and with enthusiasm and were heavily engaged with the end product. 

Students at ISV will all be exposed to Shakespeare in their future studies and this event served as a fun, dynamic and creative introduction to the works of the Bard.
After the performance students from the grade 9 literature class, along with the grade 11 diploma students, attended a Shakespearian acting workshop with the professional actor Daniel Foley. This included: warm up activities that developed the student's speaking, listening and acting skills; a bawdy Shakespearian insults competition and a short staging exercise based on Richard III. 

Adam Buck, English Teacher
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