Plentiful Peace

Plentiful Peace

Plentiful Peace is a youth-led charity organization located at our own school. Each year they choose a cause to put their efforts towards. Originally founded in 2013 but revived in 2018, Plentiful Peace has now worked with three different charities; WTA (a Moon Bear sanctuary), Project Sprouts, and now the Hanoi Blossom House for girls. As of last year, they raised about 1,350 USD for school children in northern Vietnam to have the proper winter gear and school supplies. For more information on any of these three volunteer organizations, just follow the links below and read up, even donate, on their websites.

In the 2019 - 2020 academic year, with the help of 15 members, they had hosted events and sales to help to liberate the girls at the Blossom House from futures in child labor, the sex trafficking industry, and adolescent marriage. It guaranteed admitted girls education, emotional support, and healthcare. Plentiful Peace had had school sales such as selling snacks and treats on holidays, hosted the Halloween Catwalk, and directed the famous ‘Stocks’, or sponge throwing episode!

This year, they are donating to Hanoi Homeless - a frontline community campaign helping to feed, clothe, protect, educate and provide first-aid to the poor, homeless and underprivileged throughout Hanoi and wider Vietnam. There is much more to come, so stay updated with emails, posters around the school, or on Plentiful Peace’s Instagram or website (@plentiful_peace), to make sure you can be involved in the next big round of donations and fun.

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