Pre-DP Scholarship Programme (G10)

Pre-DP Scholarship Programme (G10)


As IGCSE is a two-year curriculum (G9 & 10), and 60% of the curriculum has been taught in Grade 9, students who join Grade 10 (the second year of course), are not likely to gain sufficient knowledge for the IGCSE exams at the end of Grade 10. As a result, since 2018-19 academic year, we have started a one-year course in Grade 10 that is designed to allow the student to sit some IGCSE exams (e.g. Maths and English) but mainly to teach them the skills required in the IBDP course starting in Grade 11. 

The Pre-DP Scholarship Programme has been established with the aim to attract high-achieving students to our Pre-DP course, who also demonstrate strong potential for our challenging IBDP programme further in Grade 11 & 12. Similarly to the IGCSE scholarship, this programme’s focus is entirely on student’s academic performance.

The Scholarship value is UP TO 100% for one year of the Pre-DP programme (Grade 10) & two years of the IB DP programme (Grade 11, 12).


Grade 10 Pre-DP student will continue taking IGCSE lessons with IGCSE year 2 students. In addition, they will take other lessons focusing on specific skills (especially English) to prepare for Grade 11 & 12. Students will not take the full IGCSE examinations at the end of Grade 10 (for 8 subjects) but only for English & Maths. The goal for this course is to give the best preparation for their further education in G11. 

In Grade 10, students are given a range of options (or electives) for their subjects. As a result, most students will study eight subjects, including PE. Of these subjects, four are option choices.

The FIVE mandatory subjects will be: Maths; English; Language – Vietnamese or French for non-Vietnamese or Korean for Koreans and PE (PE is not examined.).

Besides five compulsory subjects, students will be required to choose four optional subjects as:

  • Computer Studies

  • History

  • Geography

  • Art

  • Travel & Tourism

  • French

  • Music

Eligibility Requirements: 

  • Students of age for Grade 10 at ISV who have completed Grade 9 at his/her current school

  • Students with good English level and/or high academic achievements

Entrance Assessment

Students must complete the following STAGE 1 tests before progressing to the STAGE 2 tests.

  • STAGE 1

A 120-minute online cognitive ability test focused on Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Non-verbal Reasoning test and Spatial Reasoning test.

  • STAGE 2

One (01) 60-min written test in English.

One (01) 60-min written test in Mathematics.

One (01) 50-min written test in Vietnamese (for Vietnamese passport holder students) OR One (01) 50-min written test in Korean (for Korean passport holder students).

One (01) 120-min written test in Science.

One (01) interview with the Headmaster or Head of Secondary of ISV.