​Prefects play an important role in helping with the smooth running of our School. The role provides opportunities to further develop skills and personal qualities including; leadership, responsibility, confidence, effective teamwork, compromise, sense of service and trust. Essentially, the role of the prefect is one of leadership within the Upper School. 

​As such, the prefects are responsible for embodying the school’s expectations of all students, thus leading by example. In order to achieve this, it is expected that prefects will maintain exemplary standards of personal conduct, punctuality and attendance and will contribute extensively to the wider life of the school and, in line with their ability, remain committed to the pursuit of academic success.

​Responsible of Prefect at ISV

The School’s teachers will nominate, and the School’s leadership team will appoint prefects in ISV, with the responsibilities as below:

  • ​Encourage others in the School community to benefit from the educational opportunities offered by the School.
  • Play a key role on public occasions such as Open Days and events.
  • Take prospective pupils and parents on tours of the School.
  • Participation in a school approved community service projects.
  • Work together with the Operation team; carry out willingly and effectively the duties and tasks requested of them by members of staff.
  • Represent the Student Council, be open and honest and show a sense of responsibility.
  • Be an example to all members of the School in their general conduct, appearance and attendance.
  • Act as a role model both in School and in the community.


How does my child become a Prefect?

Our prefects are selected by our leadership team after being nominated by our teaching faculty.

​What are the benefits of becoming a Prefect?

A prefect leads others by example and requires a lot of leadership skills. Our prefects will have a major role in contributing to the students life at ISV and therefore are a fine exemplary of not only our students but also as leaders.

​Who is eligible to become an ISV Prefect?

Our team is looking for various skills and qualities in our prefects such as strong leadership, role models, and academic performance. As such, our senior students at ISV are normally selected for the positions of prefects.

​What is the difference between a Prefect and a Student Council member?

Our Secondary Student Council is comprised of elected members from the student body by the student body to represent the students, whilst the Prefects are selected by the teaching faculty to represent the school.

​Can a student be both Student Council member and a Prefect?

No, students who are currently on the Student Council, if selected to become a member of the prefects, may decline and remain on the Student Council, or leave the Student Council to join the Prefects’ team.