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My name is Patricia Mcloughlin. I was born in the United Kingdom but was raised in Perth, Australia where my family have lived for the past 48 years. I have two grown sons still residing in Australia, and a daughter, Grace, that   attends school at ISV.

My life has been full of adventure, starting with my family’s move to Australia when I was seven years  of age.Being the daughter of an Irish seafarer, I have always enjoyed travelling to mostly understand and explore the many different cultural histories of our world. After many years working for the Australian educational system, my family and I decided to further experience life as global learners and started our journey that has led us finally to Vietnam.

Over an educational career spanning well into two decades, I have completed three university degrees, all pertaining to developing strong educational practices. I have had the privilege of working the International Baccalaureate system for over 15 years, in schools around the globe, including Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong and Papua, Indonesia, as well as Australia. I have had the opportunity to have worked many roles of the IB system, starting as a classroom teacher, to PYP Coordinator and finally leading to administrative positions.

​I believe educators must remain informed about current teaching and learning pedagogy in order to grow professionally, and for our students to become the best that they can be. Education is ‘action research’. It is about trailing new ideas, seeking ‘best practice’ and being on that constant learning curve found under the title of ‘teaching’. I believe, with the team of ISV, this understanding of education is one that we will pursue passionately. Our group of educators hold that drive required to take a start up school and develop it into a community of learners, towards global citizenship.

I look forward to the shared journey, with you and your families, in building ISV into a great school.

Head of Elementary
Mrs. Patricia Mcloughlin



Students in the Elementary School are in school from 8.25 am to 3.05 pm on Monday and Friday. However, have opportunity to join extra curricula activities from 3.15 pm to 4.00 pm on Tuesdays to Thursdays.

Our students learn in small groups, individually with teachers, independently at learning centres and in whole class activities. Their time is divided between the homeroom base, the shared commons areas, the specialised facilities for PE and music, and the outside play areas.

​ISV follows the International Baccalaureate Organisation’s Primary Years Programme (IB-PYP) curriculum in the Elementary School. Our programme includes language and literacy, mathematics, art, music, physical education, science and social studies.

Apart from Vietnamese and French lessons, all teaching is in English. Non-native speakers of English are assessed and given in-class help if needed to develop their English to an appropriate level of proficiency for academic purposes. Some students may need more help through our EAL individual support programme.
Vietnamese students take a Vietnamese language and social studies programme.  Non-Vietnamese students take Vietnamese language and culture lessons.
Fluent English speakers take a French language programme.
Korean MT
It is essential to maintain your child’s first language (mother-tongue). If this is a language other than English or Vietnamese we may be able to help you establish a language group and find a private tutor.
Our mathematics programme teaches students numeracy as well as data handling, measurement, pattern and shape. We emphasise the use of concrete materials to reinforce understanding, using mathematical vocabulary to show learning and using number skills for problem-solving.
Our science programme includes learning about living things, earth and space, materials, forces and energy. Our science is investigative and taught through units of inquiry.
Social Studies
Our social studies programme includes learning about history, geography and societies. Our social studies is investigative and taught through units of inquiry.
Our arts programme includes art, music and drama.
Physical Education (PSPE)
Our PE programme includes games, athletics, gymnastics, dance and swimming. PE lessons are taught by a specialist teacher and emphasise physical development, fitness and safety.

For more information on the IB-PYP, please click the links below to find the school’s scope and sequence documents that outlines our curriculum progression

​Language Scope and Sequence

Also, please click here to read the ‘PYP Parent Admission Booklet’ to find information on the IB-PYP, the framework and how it is
developed at our school.

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