Qualifications at ISV

Qualifications at ISV

ISV’s mission to inspire our students to nurture, empower and connect is reflected in our qualifications provision. ISV is proud to be both an International Baccalaureate World School authorised to offer both the Diploma Programme to our 16 to 18 year old students, as well as the Primary Years Programme to our Elementary section. We are also a licenced Cambridge Assessment International Education Centre and offer our 14 to 16 year old students the opportunity to sit International GCSEs in their summer session. 

IB Diploma Programme [externally-assessed]
Students are generally admitted to the Diploma Programme if they have secured at least IGCSE C or equivalent in their chosen DP subject choices.  We advise at least an IGCSE B or higher for Higher Level subjects. Typically full Diploma students will take 3 Standard Level and 3 Higher Level subjects.  The grading for DP is from 7-1 for DP subjects and A-E for Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay. Creativity, Activity and Service is outcome-based and is a PASS/FAIL condition of the full Diploma. Typically most students will sit the full Diploma, but some will sit individual DP courses.

CAIE IGCSE [externally-assessed]
Our offer can vary year on year to reflect need and demand from our community.  However, we expect all students to sit IGCSEs in English (First Language), Mathematics and at least one Science and Humanity. The grading is from A*-G. Typically students will sit 8 IGCSEs

Vietnamese National Curriculum [internally-assessed]
Our Vietnamese passport-holders are required to take Vietnamese Language & Literature classes up to the age of 16.  The assessment and grading for this [of 10-1] reflects national guidelines set by Bộ Giáo dục và Đào tạo (the Vietnamese Ministry of Education & Training).

School-based syllabus [internally-assessed]
Until age 16, all ISV students will undertake the school-designed Physical Education course. 
For students starting with us in Grade 10 [UK Year 11] then we have a school-based DP Preparation course.  For this students will sit the IGCSE English (First Language) and Mathematics qualifications but will follow school-based syllabi for the Science, Humanities and Languages. 
All school-based courses are internally-assessed and validated. The grading is from A*-G.

For further details on our High School section [UK Key Stage 4 & 5] please click on our school profile link HERE.