We endeavour to provide an environment that is physically and emotionally safe for all our learners.  If you have questions or comments about health and safety at ISV, please contact the School Office at

Security on Campus

In order to ensure the security you would expect ISV to provide on campus, we are reminding parents and other visitors about our rules concerning people entering the campus.

Unless delivering or collecting children, all visitors should have an appointment to enter the campus. If a visitor does not have an appointment, we cannot guarantee the person they wish to meet is available.

All non-staff entering the campus must wear the visitors badge issued by the security staff. During the school day, visitors will sign in at the guard's booth.

All guests to the campus should report to the Reception area, where they will either wait, or they will gain access to the lobby area, or to a first floor meeting room. Visitors should not look around the campus without a member of staff accompanying them. This means all areas of the School are off-limits to visitors, unless it had been agreed before the visit that they can go to a named area, or they are with a member of staff.

If a parent wants to take a child out of school during the school-day, they will be asked to wait at Reception, and a member of staff will collect the child from the classroom.

The above rules are relaxed when the School is hosting an event where parents and other adults are invited to enter the campus, but at these times there will still be areas which are marked as being off-limits to our guests. These simple rules are typical of international schools worldwide, and fair and sensible ways to protect children whilst they are on campus.

Evacuation Procedures

Fire notices are posted in all classrooms.  There is a fire and evacuation drill each term and the process is reviewed regularly. In the event of a fire breaking out on school premises, the following action must be taken:

  • Upon discovering a fire the teacher (or adult) must immediately sound the fire alarm.
  • All students and staff should walk quickly and quietly to the assembly point.  Upon hearing the fire alarm, all other employees and visitors to the school should immediately walk to the Assembly Point. If in a classroom, all windows must be closed. All bags and personal belongings should be left in the classroom.
  • When the students have moved to the Assembly Point, each Teacher will check their class list and should report any missing persons or confirm that all are present.  Holding the register up in the air indicates all persons are present.
  • All members of staff will ensure that the children are silent at the assembly point and await further instructions from the Head of School (or the most senior teacher) at the assembly point.
  • Subject teachers are responsible for escorting any learners that they are teaching to the Assembly Point.  They will then hand over responsibility for the primary learners to their Home Room teachers.
  • No persons are permitted to re-enter the building until the all clear is given by the Head of School (or the most senior teacher on site).

Security Guards

The school employs a highly reputable security company, providing 24-hour security protection for ISV. The security guards also provide traffic control for the school.

All parents are reminded that safety procedures exist at the school for the safety of all students.   Security Guards are unable to exercise flexibility on this and so any failure to adhere to the procedures could result in a parent being refused access to the school premises.


No vehicles are granted access to the school grounds.​


The School maintains a smoking-free, alcohol-free and drug-fee environment. The possession, consumption or sale of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs is strictly prohibited on the campus.

Therefore, remember that you are not permitted to:
Use or be involved with the use or distribution of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs at any school-supported activity both on or off campus
Use, possess or distribute drugs for non-medicinal purposes. If a student is found to be in breach of this, a recommendation will be made for expulsion.