Secondary EAL Support Teacher (Locally hired)

Secondary EAL Support Teacher - JOB DESCRIPTION

In fulfillment of all responsibilities and duties, a Secondary EAL Support Teacher should show a commitment to the aims, policies, and ethos of the International School of Vietnam, and strive to maintain these through personal conduct and effective relationships with colleagues and students.

Line Manager: Head of Department & School Leadership Team
This page lists specific responsibilities for the Secondary EAL Support Teacher role. This should be read in conjunction with the Secondary Classroom Subject-specialist Teacher job description.

Qualification and Experience Requirements

- Bachelor/Master in English/EAL/Literature/Linguistics/Language + (Bachelor/Master in Education or Teaching qualification/certificate) or Bachelor/Master in TESOL/Teaching English

- Min. 3 years of experience preferred


DELIVER targeted individual support programs designed to assist learners in reducing English language proficiency gaps to grade norms

PLAN & DELIVER tutorial and class support where practical to further the goals of the Secondary EAL team

SUPPORT subject teachers through co-planning and co-teaching to minimise barriers to progress for learners with English language proficiency gaps to grade norms

CONDUCT assessment & review of English language proficiency levels for EAL Register students & candidates

ASSIST in maintaining assessment and intervention records for the secondary EAL team

ASSIST in planning and delivery of certain elements of taught curriculum (e.g. language skills development) as required

IDENTIFY & DISSEMINATE techniques and tools that boost success in an educational environment where students are learning through an additional language

COMMUNICATE with stakeholders (parents, faculty, management) in a professional manner DEVELOP & MANAGE resources for the secondary EAL team


* A medical certificate is required if medical leave is availed. For a sick day when a doctor’s visit is not required, the school allows for a day as such to be free from a medical certificate. This can occur three times over the year. However, the days cannot be taken consecutively. International faculty is entitled maximum 15 medical leave days (continuous or interrupted) in any one academic year of his/her service. Subsequent leave will be deemed as unpaid.

If Academic Staff are sick, they must inform their respective Head of Department / Head of School or in his/her absence, the HR Manager/Headteacher.

How to apply:
Please kindly send your CV to our email: