Seesaw is a simple way for teachers and students to record and share what's happening in the classroom, for the whole class group, for a specific part of the school community. It enables parents to connect to the classroom and their child's learning in 'real time', and enables parents to take part, e.g. through commenting to the selections of tasks posted.

Seesaw also gives students a place to document their individual learning, be creative, and offers opportunity for students to learn how to use technology, purposely.

​When entering ISV-Elementary, each student will be given their own journal and will add things to it, like photos, videos, audio, drawings, reflections, or notes. These journals will present as a digital journey of each student’s learning, becoming their elementary e-portfolio. These comprehensive e-portfolios are easily accessible to administrators, teachers, students and families. As the e-portfolios follow our elementary students through their entire career at the elementary section of our school, it’s possible to track progress over time and build a complete record of learning.

​For further information on the Seesaw platform used at ISV, please go to the link.