Student Council

PYP Student Council - 2019-2020 academic year

What the Student Council is about:

  • Communicates between students and the teachers

  • Assist other students, e.g. helping students understand the rules, supporting students, being a welcoming ambassador

  • Collects the fundraising monies for our charity, e.g. free dress day

  • Leading by example

  • Shares and generate ideas that make the school a better place

  • Works with the PTA to link with the school community

  • Assists parents on parent workshops and other occasions

Student Council's goals:

  • Host more sporting events with other schools

  • Work with and support charity organisations e.g. SAPA HOPE Centre

  • Assisting with the school events, both internal and external

  • Increase communication between staff and students

Essential Agreements:

  • Respect each other’s person and belonging

  • Consider open-mindedly other people’s ideas

  • Be open to debate and respect our peers and ideas

  • Listen when members are sharing their ideas

  • Create a safe environment for sharing ideas