Student Services

Student Services


Bus service is provided by an outside service provider. Students will travel on either 16-seated buses or 29-seated buses.
There is 01 bus driver along with 01 bus monitor to supervise students along the bus.

If the student will be absent or will not take the bus, the parent is required to provide a 24-hour notice to the Registrar Department and the bus monitor.
In the event of changing the home address, changing the pick-up point, or termination of bus usage, a 30-day written notice from parents to the Registrar is required.


There are 02 eating time daily at ISV: Snack and Lunch. Snack is served at morning recess; Lunch is served at 12pm for PreK - G1 and for G6 - 12, or at12.45pm for G2 - 5.
You can choose to have lunch for 05 working days or only on some specific days, or bring your own lunch. You can also choose to have only lunch, only snack, or a lunch/snack combo.

Special menu requests and food allergies must be informed to the Registrar when registering for lunch.


Students are required to wear uniform from Monday to Friday. There are 3 types of uniforms including Classroom Uniform, PE Uniform & House Team Uniform.

  • Classroom Uniform for normal school day:

           - Pre-K - K2: Polo shirts shirt & shorts

           - G1 – G12: Formal shirt & long trousers/ skirt/ dress shorts

  • PE Uniform for PE lessons only

          - White ISV sports shirts & sports shorts

         - ISV swimming costumes/ trunks & school swimming cap

  • House Team Uniform for school inter-house events

         - There are 04 different uniforms for our Houses: Phoenix, Dragon, Unicorn & Tiger