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Food Services

ISV’s spacious and light dining hall serves nutritious and delicious meals.

ISV’s food service is catered by ISV personnel working from our large commercial kitchen located on campus.  The kitchen is designed and operated to international food preparation standards.

​Our Menu is tailored to reflect the tastes of our international diners, with culinary influences from around the globe. With our large modern facilities, our kitchen team creates continental and Asian dishes focused around seasonal fresh ingredients that are delivered daily.

Apart from the quality of academic learning, the quality of meal for students is also very important with us. All ingredient are selected carefully by our chef, which ensures the meals are fresh and delicious.

Along with the careful calculation in nutrition factors, food decoration is also focused by professional kitchen staffs. ISV usually changes foods to be suitable with tastes of student as well as help them improve the knowledge about the diversity of world cuisine. ISV ensures that the meals are delicious, safety, and healthy both physically and mentally.

​Bus Services​

ISV has a contracted, third-party operator to provide daily pick-up and drop-off transportation services on behalf of the school. Each bus is equipped with seat belts and has a Bus Monitor on board, with a mobile phone for emergencies. For more information about the bus monitors and routes click here.

​Exact timings and locations for pick-up and drop-off are determined on a needs basis, after receiving indications of interest for the service from parents. Changes to the bus schedule are made occasionally to allow as many students as possible to access this service.  Pick-up and drop off points will be in safe, central locations close to your place of residence.

​Procedure for morning pick-up (going to ISV)

The Bus Monitor greets you and your child(ren) at the prearranged Bus Stop. You sign the Bus Register, kept by the Bus Monitor, confirming that your child has safely boarded the bus.

​Buses arrive at the main ISV entrance at approximately 8:30 am. Students alight each bus under the supervision of the Teaching Assistants. Younger children are led to their Early Learning Centre classrooms and older students line-up then make their own way to their homerooms.

​Procedure for afternoon drop-off (going home)

Students taking the school bus are led directly to their specific buses. Buses do not move from the bus bay until a signal is given by the Bus Monitor.  Buses leave the school at approximately 3:15 pm on Monday and Fridays and at 4:15 pm, on Tuesdays to Thursdays.

​Parents (or the authorised people) are asked to be at the prearranged Bus Stop at least 5 minutes before the scheduled arrival time. The person meeting the child(ren) completes the Bus Register confirming the children have arrived home safely.


​Academic Uniform
Our smart and practical school uniform gives our students a sense of identity and belonging to ISV as well as creating a professional atmosphere conducive to learning. The school uniform is compulsory for all children at ISV.

Uniform fittings can be arranged at the School Shop, Monday to Friday.

Sports Uniform

The sports uniform is practical and attractive ensuring the students are able to take part in P.E. lessons in comfort and style.

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