Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools

ISV boasts two indoor swimming pools; a Learner Pool and a Competition Pool. The specially de-signed Learner Pool allows young children, and new swimmers, an opportunity to grow in confidence and to learn through play. This pool follows international standards and is equipped with full-width steps to allow easy access for disabled students.

The competition pool is 25 metres long and six lanes wide, adhering to British Swimming Club standards, meaning it is ideal for hosting local and international contests. Our swimming pools are also equipped with a heating system which helps to substantially extend the swimming season.

So even if outdoors temperatures drop, the temperature and environment of our indoor swimming pool is still great for swimming.

During swimming, students will be supervised by trained life-savers and first-aiders. After swimming, the students are allowed to shower and change in bathrooms next to the pool.

To fully utilise these fabulous swimming and changing facilities, we offer students one swimming session a week as well as a variety of ECA activities and additional aquatic courses throughout the year.