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The Seniors of ISV (G12) are organizing an event stimulating the model of the famous TED Talk series. The theme for the first TEDISV will be "ID" - Identity. The event is expected to be an educational platform for ISV students to speak up and share their ideas with their teachers and fellow peers.

Each person is born with their own identity, each with their own ways of recognizing themselves. That makes each person in the nearly 8 billion people on earth different in every way. As an individual in the world, we all try to stand out, be different, and make a name for ourselves. What do you think about this? What are your comments? Do you agree with this? Is there anything more about this that you want to research about and talk about? All of that you can express during your talk on stage at the first TEDISV on the 26th of October.
Speakers will receive certificates and presents, so all applications are welcome!
Application closes on 14th Friday, September. Apply now!
Application link: https://tedisv.typeform.com/to/kGBmJT
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