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Varsity Girl's Basketball vs TH School

Nov 07, 02:43 PM 231 Views
Final score:  ISV 40 : TH School  6
A slow start by ISV quickly picked up steam resulting in a blow-out win by the Panthers Girls Basketball team.  A 13-0 halftime lead quickly grew to 26-4 by the end of the 3rdquarter. Everyone from the team contributed throughout the game resulting in a 40 point scoring outburst and a 40-6 win over TH School.

Matching the team’s slow start, Alexis Pham (G11) missed on several scoring opportunities.  However, like the team, she stayed focused and stayed the course, picking up several steals, leading more inexperienced teammates, and converting scoring opportunities to earn the Panther of the game award.

It truly was a team effort with Sondos Shebani (G9) once again forcing her will on the other team with several steals and great passes, and Renee Kim (G11) as a force on the boards. Panther after Panther attacked the hoop off the dribble and jumped the passing lanes for steals.  Ten different Panthers scored in the game (maybe 11 depending on who owns that missing bucket).


Alexis Pham (G11): 12 points,  Renee Kim (G11): 6 points,  Vi Nguyen (G10): 4 points,  Minh To (G11): 4 points,  Lily Byun (G11): 4 points,  Sondos Shebani (G9): 2 points,  Felicity Mcclellan (G9): 2 points,  Amber Thai (G11): 2 points,  Hong Anh  (G11): 2 points,  Rory Mclellan (G11): 2 points
Go Panthers!

Benjamin Jacob Mayer, Head of Physical Education


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