It would not be an overstatement saying that studying at ISV was one of my life-changing decisions.  Being a normal Vietnamese girl who has been attending a normal public institution, an international school has never occurred to me considering its unaffordability and irregularity. I would have been like most students in Hanoi, drowning in numerous extra classes just to shove myself into the gates of some privilege specialized schools if it wasn’t for ISV Scholarship program. The scholarship not only eased the financial burden but also proposed an alternative option for my high school education. I find it absurd and wrongful that the common notation is international schools being only for rich kids who never study and dissipate their parents’ money. It is true that most students here come from a good background and it is true that we don’t study like the way normal schools do; however, there is no doubt that we have been provided with one of the best environment with genuine learning, balance school life and friendly acquaintance. Despite there still being some additional cost, the school has always remained active and engaging for students with various opportunities for individual development and collaboration in any fields of interests from academic, sports to arts. I always joke that because of ISV, I have never graduated middle school in Vietnam, but I would never regret choosing ISV as my next stop because it was here that I understood the true meaning of studying, embraced an open mind to the world and found a new family.


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Grade 12 (2020-21)

Studying with ISV allowed me to develop to the fullest, both physically and academically.
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Linh Trang LE

Grade 8S (2020-21)

Getting a scholarship was a chance for me to study at ISV: the school that I had always dreamt to study
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Quynh Tu Thi NGUYEN

Alumni (2018-2019)

I believe I owe a lot of this success to my teachers, my university counselor, and ISV. 
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Kiet Tuan Tran NGUYEN

Alumni (2019-2020)

The scholarship also gives me access to the International Baccalaureate program, which I believe has aided significantly in developing my potentials to the fullest
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Renee Songhee KIM

Alumni (2019-20)

I am glad that I joined ISV which helped me to prepare for my next step towards a bigger and broader world!
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